The importance of giving back

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The concept of ‘giving’ can take many forms, but the joy it brings is the greatest gift, writes Pat Mesiti.

It is said, “The depth of a person’s wealth is not in what they have but in what they give.” If this is so, then the wealth of a person or business either increases or decreases according to their ability to give.

Giving is nothing more than investing. It is simply another way of ‘doing’ to help you get a return. I have been challenged on this so many times. People say to me, “Giving and expecting a return is wrong.” Why? Where do you get this idea from? Don’t you think it would be foolish of a farmer to put a seed in the ground and not expect a harvest? Giving is simply sowing a seed.

It’s not so obviously black and white though. We don’t necessarily give because we expect to get back from the same place we gave, but if you give… you should expect to receive. For example: I certainly don’t give to charities and expect them to give back to me. However, because I gave to them, they can give on to their cause.

What really concerns me is hearing someone being criticised for their wealth. The truth is, we have no idea of the sacrifice they went through to nurture the seed or investment they sowed.

So why is it so important to give?

1. I believe giving destroys greed

I’ve never met a greedy person who was a giver. In fact, I’ve never seen a monument erected to a stingy person. People often say, “Pat if I had more money, I’d be more generous.” I say, “If you were more generous, you’d have more money!” It’s not about how much money you’ve got, it’s the principle that is of importance. It’s the same with investing. It’s not the amount of money you invest; it’s the principle and the habit of investing that’s important.

2. It’s more cheerful to give than to receive

Just watching someone’s life being shaped because you gave brings great joy. Recently we raised over $123,000 for a charity in Uganda. The children of this charity had been ravaged by years of oppression, many of them abused and suffering from HIV. The money we raised gave them food for both their bodies and their minds. Man, you should have seen their faces… You can’t buy that kind of joy; it only comes from being a giver.

3. Having a cause brings unity

Imagine if your team, your business or your clients knew you had a rallying point like the Ugandan orphanage above. Some cause that was greater than just making a profit or selling a commodity. Your staff would focus on the goal and be more productive and your clients would choose you over your competition. Giving brings this kind of response because it provides a reason. Everyone rallies to the cause.

4. It will always come back to you

You’ve got to realise this incredible mystery called sowing and reaping is something you cannot explain, you can only experience it. It’s an experience that changes lives. I’ve discovered giving constantly brings a return in your life. It may not be immediate and it may come back to you in some other blessing, but if you apply this law in life it will always bring you a return.

5. It makes you a bigger person

I believe giving extends us in our inside world. It creates softer hearts and makes us more caring and understanding.

6. It creates awareness of other people’s needs and shows us just how good we have it

What a strength, to be able to give!

A young boy was sitting by the curb when a beautiful red Ferrari parked in front of him. His eyes grew as big as saucers. The driver was well dressed and clean cut. As the man passed him by the boy said to him, “Sir, you must be rich!” The man looked at the young boy and said, “I’m not rich, my brother is rich. For my 40th birthday he bought me this suit, this watch and this beautiful red Ferrari.” The little boy looked up at the man and said, “I wish… I wish… I wish I could be a brother like that!”

You see, he wanted to be the brother giving the Ferrari, not the brother getting the Ferrari. The power always lies in the giver… and that is why giving is so important.


* In the April/May issue of TGR this article appeared under the wrong name. Apologies to Petar Lackovic.

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