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Napoleon Hill’s work has been followed for decades. The author of Think & Grow Rich, one of the highest selling books of all time, also created the Science of Success. In each issue we bring to you the ideas within the Science of Success, so that you not only understand Napoleon Hill’s mindset, but so that you can use his guiding principles to create your own success.

Any dominating desire, plan or purpose that is backed by faith is taken over by the subconscious mind and acted upon immediately.

At first this may sound like a repetition of the third big idea, but when you have studied the principle on Applied Faith you will clearly see a significant difference. The mind, stimulated by dominating desire, draws power directly from the subconscious. When this is reinforced by the power of faith, it creates a conviction of such force that it completely rejects the idea of a possibility of failure. This constitutes genius, and genius can be developed by any person in possession of normal mental faculties. Many people have the mistaken idea that only certain types of people can be called geniuses. Those we say have rare genius do not have any powers that you do not possess. But they are invariably people who are consciously and subconsciously following certain basic principles that are responsible for their apparent power.

The following are the basic ingredients of genius, as determined from an extensive analysis of the lives of so-called geniuses.

1. Definite major purpose.

2. Applied faith.

3. Enthusiasm.

4. Imagination.

5. Motive.

6. Personal initiative.

7. Going extra mile.

8. Master mind alliance.

9. Positive mental attitude.



The first ingredient is the subject of this principle, a definite major purpose. A genius knows what he or she wants from life. Today’s geniuses are busy, moving directly, with little wasted motion, toward accomplishing their objectives.

The second factor is applied faith. This is not just a general faith, but specific action, which both expresses you belief in your goal and moves you toward it. You develop applied faith when you concentrate upon the attainment of the definite major purpose and act to bring it about.

The third factor is contagious and is called enthusiasm. It is an expression of a certain dynamic vitality in the way you walk, talk and act. It is the result of motivation and your physical magnetism and energy. It is the gleam in your eye and the vibrant timbre in your voice. It is the element that can build fire under your desire and make it a burning desire.

The fourth ingredient is imagination. It is the activity of the mind that makes possible the creation of new ideas. Without imagination, nothing new would ever be created. But this is not the imagination that fuels your dreams of winning the lottery. It is an imagination that is controlled and directed, made most productive when focused on a specific aim or problem related to your definite major purpose.

The fifth factor is motive. You are familiar with the 10 basic motives previously discussed. No sane person does anything without a motive; there has to be a reason behind every act.

The sixth factor is personal initiative, backed by intense action. You will never be a genius unless you get into the habit of doing what should be done without waiting for someone to tell you to do it. Personal initiative is the self-starter and it must be kept in perfect shape for instant use. Another way of defining personal initiative might be: the ability to see things as they are and to do things as they should be done. The seventh factor is the habit of going the extra mile. You will never be a genius unless you make it a habit to do more and better than you are paid to do, every day of your life…



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