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The power of thought is the only thing over which you have complete and unquestionable control.

We are the only creatures on earth with the power of self-determination, the right to choose what our thoughts and actions will be. Animals of lower order are governed by inherent habits and instincts. They do not possess the power to understand situations, except in the simplest acts of existence. The distinguishing characteristic of our species is the ability to think. We possess one thing over which we have the inherent, absolute right of control, and that is our mental attitude. The very idea of having absolute control over our thoughts is tremendous. It shows unmistakably a close relationship between our mind and Infinite Intelligence. Management of the mind is the key to both the power of your subconscious mind and the power of Infinite Intelligence. This means that any plan or purpose that you conceive in the conscious mind, you can fulfil, either to your benefit, improvement and joy, or to your misery, degradation and ultimate destruction.

The subconscious mind responds instinctively to whatever suggestion is given to it in an emotionalised state. It will not challenge or modify your purpose, be it good or evil. Therefore a word of caution is needed in the selection of your Definite Major Purpose: plan only that which is constructive and will express an ultimate good. Never aspire to cheat your neighbour or go contrary to any of the other fundamentals of sound ethics or the laws of nature

Your conscious mind is the guardian of your subconscious mind. Neither negative nor positive thoughts can enter your subconscious without the full consent of your conscious mind, except thoughts out of the blue, received through the sixth sense. All sense impressions you receive through the five senses are stopped at the gate by your conscious, thinking mind, for inspection and acceptance or rejection. Your conscious mind is therefore a sentry posted to guard the approach to the precious subconscious.

Weeds will grow in abundance in the fertile ground of your subconscious if you do not sow the seeds of better crops. Through positive self-talk, you can voluntarily feed your subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature or, by neglect, permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their way into this rich garden. A Definite Major Purpose will keep your mind clear of the things you don’t want. It will keep your mind so busy, working on the things you do want that undesirable thoughts will have no place to grow.


The subconscious mind appears to be the only doorway of individual approach to Infinite Intelligence.

The avenue of approach to Infinite Intelligence is faith, based upon a Definite Major Purpose. There is an accumulation of evidence to support this belief. Faith interprets the desires of our conscious mind to this vast medium of infinite power. Conversely, it reflects the responses of Infinite Intelligence to our conscious minds in the form of flashes of insight, intuition, revelation, or whatever you choose to call them. The evidence is found in the accomplishments of famous people of achievement. The person in the examples that follow put their subconscious minds to work by planting problems in them during the day and reaping a harvest in the form of idea that came while he slept or just after he woke in the morning…

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