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When you think of sophisticated liquors, limoncello doesn’t often come first to mind. A national drink of Italy, limoncello is served either before a meal to cleanse the palate, or as a light and refreshing after-dinner beverage. Unfortunately, many of us have sampled a home-made version from a relative or family friend that could put you off the drink for life.

It is brewed from fermented lemons, then soaked in a mixture of sugar and alcohol for around 20 days. When made properly, it has the distinct aromas of fresh lemons, and has a clear taste which does the job of being the perfect before-supper drink.

Antica Distillery is considered one of the finest manufacturers of limoncello, and was the choice of Stuart Hughes when looking to make an extraordinary work of art. The bottle is truly breathtaking. The neck of the bottle has three single cut spectacular 13 carat diamonds. The bottle has on it a single gigantic 18.5 carat diamond, supposedly one of the world’s rarest diamonds. The bottle was specially commissioned by an anonymous Italian client but Stuart says that they have another bottle for sale if anyone is ready to shell out $43 million.

It’s an awful lot of money for a palette cleanser.


Isabella Islay Whisky

When the Luxury Beverage Company of the United Kingdom released Ruwa a few years ago – an opulent beverage, immaculately presented and priced at $5.5 million – it definitely turned heads. Not least of all, because it’s a non-alcoholic drop.

Within a short time, they turned their attention to the alcoholic variety, unveiling Isabella’s Islay, the world’s most luxurious whisky. At the time released, they claimed it to be the most expensive beverage product in the world.

The Isabella’s Islay whisky is available in two editions.

The Isabella Original retails for $6.2 million and flaunts over 8,500 diamonds, almost 300 rubies and the equivalent of two bars of white gold all covering a fine English crystal decanter and the Very Old Single Malt cask strength Islay whisky inside. Most impressively, each individual Isabella Islay is handcrafted to the buyer’s liking.

If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, but would still like to sample the goodness inside, there is the Isabella Special Edition, which retails for $740,000. It boasts the finest British craftsmanship in crystal, white gold and diamond lettering. The whisky inside both the editions is also available in refills.

On the launch, Luxury Beverage Company said, “This product was crafted to take the whisky and beverage market to a new level for the first time, combining premium whisky and finest crystal with gold and diamonds encrusted by the most respected jewellers in London.”


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