Being a super boss on a shoestring: Six healthy habits

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The difference between a Horrible Boss and a Super Boss could be a few habits, says Dr Peter Stebbins. 

Did you know that we spend 34% of our lives (approximately 228,708 hours!) trying to successfully ride the Wave of Life of work?

Small businesses in Australia represent 97% of all private sector businesses and employ almost 3.6 million people. This means many of us work for a boss who may be a small business owner.

These Small Business Bosses may not necessarily have an MBA, or sophisticated staff engagement strategies, but the good news is that the difference between being a Horrible Boss or a Super Boss is not about these things. Rather, it is about the habits they have to engage their staff and drive performance in the day-to-day running of the business.

We all know what it is like to have a Horrible Boss; however, many of us have also had a Super Boss but in all the mayhem and confusion of work and life may not have realised it at the time.

A Super Boss isn’t necessarily a boss who gives you everything you want, but rather a boss who can bring out the best in you at work and make the workplace both engaging and profitable for the whole team. Super Bosses are able to both (1) drive team performance; and (2) effectively support staff by engaging in Six Healthy Habits. Let’s take a look at them now.

Driving Team Performance

Healthy Habit No. 1: Communicating Vision and Strategy. Super Bosses have a great ability to regularly and clearly communicate to team members the short and long-term vision and strategy of the organisation at both a global and team specific level.

Healthy Habit No. 2: Showing Credibility and Getting Results. Super Bosses are able to effectively demonstrate their own competence and to perform their role and get the team to deliver credible results at both the team and organisational level.

Healthy Habit No. 3: Providing Feedback and Development Opportunities. Super Bosses are always on the lookout for opportunities to give and receive both positive and constructive feedback.

Effectively Supporting Staff

Healthy Habit No. 4: Being Trustworthy. Super Bosses are able to create an environment of honesty and trust by being an effective listener and never sharing in any negative gossiping. By being trustworthy, Super Bosses help team members openly share concerns.

Healthy Habit No. 5: Providing Motivation and Encouragement. Super Bosses have a great ability to motivate and encourage team members based on their individual needs and preferences. They are great at knowing what makes each individual ‘tick’ and can use friendly nicknames, jokes, small talk, and goal-driven conversations to make people feel encouraged at work.

Healthy Habit No. 6: Supporting People’s Career and Personal Goals. Super Bosses take the time to understand the career and personal goals of their team members and then provide feedback and support to help them when opportunities emerge.

One of my all time favourite sayings is about seeing the glass half full rather then half empty and I always try to encourage people to focus on the positive characteristics of their bosses. So take some time out now to reflect and ask yourself the following questions:

1. How many different bosses have I had over the years and how would I rate each?

2. Focus on my current boss: What habits are they already a champion in? What areas do they need to improve on and how could I support and encourage their Healthy Habits?…

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