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There is no looking back


Regret and disappointment are natural emotions, but how you deal with them can have serious impact on your business decisions, writes Wai-Yee Chen. When asked to review past performances, some gloss over past negative results or decisions and launch straight into the profitable stocks picked or decisions that resulted...

All the world is a stage


We’ve all had the acting buzz. We’ve all thought we could be the next DeNiro or Streep. Some just want to be the next Monroe… however acting isn’t that easy. Yet the skills actors possess can go a long way to helping people in life and business. Lisa Peers...

What we can learn from rats


The brain is more easily stimulated than satisfied, writes Louise Bedford. Have you ever fired up the Google search box for the purposes of finding something relevant to your next task – only to find yourself four hours later amazed by your new found knowledge that a crocodile cannot...

Is trading gambling?


This is a question I am asked on a regular basis, usually when people find out that I work with traders, poker players and problem gamblers, writes Shayne Duncan. These questions are many and varied: “Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Aren’t you supporting gambling by working with poker...

  • How to influence and win over investors


    Small business start-up capital is a highly sought after commodity as more and more entrepreneurs are trying their luck at business, writes Alex Pirouz. Statistically, the odds of small business start-up success is less than 20% within a five-year period. One of the main reasons why start-ups end up...

    The ‘big four’ and their top global status


    As we witnessed a significant rally in the Australian Equities market until mid-May, many investors questioned why the banking sector in particular was such a top performer, writes Michael Kodari. It is important for equity investors to understand the basis of the ‘big four’ banks’ strong performance, as this...

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