Plan for the outlier


Preparing for bad times as well as good will make you a better trader, writes Louise Bedford. All traders dream of buying something at $0.10 and having it go to $50. Unfortunately most do not consider the reverse – buying something at $50 and having it go to $0.10....

Strategy first, creativity second


In the overwhelming and sometimes frustrating world that is today, the reality of our lives is overbearing. There’s no doubt that with the likes of technology and the digital world, the constant communication we all face day in and day out is painful, writes Michael Kava. As a result,...

Putting new life into an existing business


For any small business owner, there comes a time when you reach a stage in the business life cycle where you feel like business has stopped moving forward and is just going through the motions, writes John Corias. This is the point where many businesses either leap forward into...

The importance of succession planning 


A smart business owner is a forward-thinker. He knows that at some point in the future there may come a time when he needs to pass the reigns of the company onto someone else, whether it’s a family member, trusted employee or investor to keep it running even when...

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