The importance of giving back

The concept of ‘giving’ can take many forms, but the joy it brings is the greatest gift, writes Pat Mesiti. It is said, “The depth of a person’s wealth is not in what they have but in what they give.” If this is so, then the wealth of a...

The ultimate growth adventure: South Africa


Federico Re shares his personal experiences at the Ultimate Growth Adventure program. It all began at 4.30am, on 25 November 2013, at Johannesburg airport. I had arrived at the international terminal one hour early, and nobody was there waiting for me, as planned. I was starting to feel anxious...

Small business not yet a priority


Nick Raphaely comments on the national priorities for small business. As Robert Menzies famously once said, we are “a nation of lifters, not leaners”. Time and time again, we have seen Australian small businesses come up with the best ideas, the best products and employ the best talent to...

Cloud: The inevitable disaster recovery solution for business


The cloud not only makes global business practice easy, it also protects businesses from disaster, writes Sean Dendle. The tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011 left 3.46 million people stranded due to the failure of transportation systems. The Queensland floods of January 2011 resulted in three-quarters of...

  • The right advice


    It’s never too late to receive valuable financial advice, writes Andrew Hewison. After the budget announcements and changes to superannuation policy, regardless of age, wealth or experience it’s never too late to get valuable advice from an expert. A good financial adviser will review your financial situation, whether you’re...

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