The Last Word

It’s a mad, mad world


March Madness is the most awaited event of the year for the sports savvy. Not necessarily for sport itself, but because of the money a lucky person can win if they correctly guess the winners of all 63 games in the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament 2014. Although the...

It was a strange old year


Different events shape our world and imapct our lives. Here are some of 2013’s most significant moments. World events shape the way we treat each other; they shape the way we do business and with whom we do business. They shape the way we move forward in all aspects...

Institutional failure is avoidable


Institutional failure. These are two words that can come back to haunt organisations, governments and world leaders. We have seen plenty of institutional failure recently: US banks and government, members of the European Union, the Australian Government and even the AFL in combination with the Essendon Football Club. Institutional...

Polly wolly doodle all the time


Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is an international authority in personality profiling and psychometric testing. He is a Professor of Business Psychology at University College London (UCL), Vice President of Research and Innovation at Hogan Assessment Systems, and has previously taught at the London School of Economics and New York University....

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