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Tweet this!


Twitter entered the world of ‘public companies’ in a blaze of glory – now it is time for it to deliver. Finally, even the brains behind Twitter have admitted that their design is flawed, or in other words: #fail @Twitter. Too many people have no clue. After a successful...

Every politician should undertake a business apprenticeship


Starting a company is not easy, and unfortunately there is no way to really learn about it other than by doing it. No book, school, mentoring, or even apprenticeship can substitute for hands-on experience and that’s why our politicians are lacking fundamental business management skills, writes Alex Pirouz. When...

Remember my name?


Where do ex-Prime Ministers go when the curtain comes down and they need to fill their egos? In particular, where would a former Prime Minister go to impose his or her will on the rest of Australia? The likely scenario for Kevin Rudd is that he takes up a post...

Woolworths is no master


The disaster that is Woolworths’ entry into the hardware market should stand as an important lesson for anyone in business. Enough has been written about the merits or mostly otherwise of the Coles Woolworths monopoly; even the publisher of this magazine has had a dig on his news site...

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