Rules of Engagement

The loss of trust


For those of us who have grown up in environments where ‘hand shake deals’ and ‘your word is your bond’ were expected, and the punishment for breaking trust was not generally settled in a court room, the modern world of business can be perplexing at best and downright soul...

To self serve and protect


The convener of any law, rule, border or boundary only has power relative to its ability to enforce such regulations, writes Dennis McIntyre. If you have ever travelled to an Asian country, you may have experienced that when certain laws are broken (a common occurrence), a small fee can...

Australia: a secret Corporation?


Is the Commonwealth of Australia really just a corporation owned by the United States of America, asks Dennis McIntyre. Recently I was pointed to the fact that an entity titled ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is registered on the United States Securities exchange (SEC). After discovering this I looked down the...

It’s time to cut the tape


The word, written on subway walls and in tenement halls, is that red tape is running small business in Australia into the ground. Dennis McIntyre questions the need for so much red tape. The consensus among small business owners is that bureaucracy and the red tape that defines government...

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