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Strategy first, creativity second


In the overwhelming and sometimes frustrating world that is today, the reality of our lives is overbearing. There’s no doubt that with the likes of technology and the digital world, the constant communication we all face day in and day out is painful, writes Michael Kava. As a result,...

An expensive drop


Pre-dinner drinks When you think of sophisticated liquors, limoncello doesn’t often come first to mind. A national drink of Italy, limoncello is served either before a meal to cleanse the palate, or as a light and refreshing after-dinner beverage. Unfortunately, many of us have sampled a home-made version from...

Cloud: The inevitable disaster recovery solution for business


The cloud not only makes global business practice easy, it also protects businesses from disaster, writes Sean Dendle. The tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011 left 3.46 million people stranded due to the failure of transportation systems. The Queensland floods of January 2011 resulted in three-quarters of...

Hope and expectation for Australian business


Finally a result! What business needed most in this election was a clear outcome, and we have it. Tony Abbott will be our Prime Minister and the Coalition has a comfortable majority in the lower house. In my view the biggest challenge of the outgoing government was not that...

  • Milk and honey


    Michael Klim is as an Olympic gold medallist and former world record holder; he is also the founder and CEO of cosmetics company Milk & Co. He speaks with Jonathan Jackson about diving feet first into a business venture.  US swimming great Debbie Meyer once said, “Believe in yourself,...

    Time for a little indulgence


    Looking for somewhere special to head to this summer? Los Cabos may be the venue of choice for luxury and a little celebrity. We have all heard of Necker Island, the famed Richard Branson home and getaway that has attracted a slew of celebrities. The private island is a...

    Entrepreneurship: the key to SME growth


    There has been a lot written about the effect of government on small business in this issue, however a strong SME rarely depends on government of any political persuasion to be of real benefit to their growth. The Coach, Jon-Michail examines why SMEs don’t need government support. Entrepreneurs by...

    SMEs warned not to wait for an election ‘magic fix’


    Small to medium sized businesses in Australia need to focus on factors they can control, rather than waiting for a ‘magic fix’ resulting from the federal election, writes Chris Gebhardt, head of business advisory focus group, William Buck Chartered Accountants and Advisors. It’s likely that political and economic instability...

  • The small business retirement


    Over the coming years, Australia will see an unprecedented number of small and medium businesses shut their doors as our population ages. TGR spoke to Petar Lackovic from The Entourage about our possible small business crisis. There has been a large amount written in all forms of media about...

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