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Market expectations for 2014 and beyond


For the property investor predicting the market as we go into 2014 and beyond, it is worth looking both backwards and outwards to see where the growth and opportunities have existed and where the pitfalls have tightened the noose around the necks of Australian investors. Looking backwards, Australian property...

Missing Link


LinkedIn offers a great service for those who want to connect with likeminded businesses or individuals, however not many people utilise the social networking site to its full potential. Jonathan Jackson speaks with entrepreneur Alex Pirouz about a new business designed to help users gain maximum benefit from their LinkedIn...

How to influence and win over investors


Small business start-up capital is a highly sought after commodity as more and more entrepreneurs are trying their luck at business, writes Alex Pirouz. Statistically, the odds of small business start-up success is less than 20% within a five-year period. One of the main reasons why start-ups end up...

The right advice


It’s never too late to receive valuable financial advice, writes Andrew Hewison. After the budget announcements and changes to superannuation policy, regardless of age, wealth or experience it’s never too late to get valuable advice from an expert. A good financial adviser will review your financial situation, whether you’re...

  • US property outlook – Growth


    Despite restrictive lending from finance companies, Joel Dobson still sees many reasons for growth in the US property market. Ask any reliable US source and most will tell you to expect a growth of at least 1% for the remaining quarters of 2013. Why 1%? Everyone knows that the...

    The importance of succession planning 


    A smart business owner is a forward-thinker. He knows that at some point in the future there may come a time when he needs to pass the reigns of the company onto someone else, whether it’s a family member, trusted employee or investor to keep it running even when...

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